Camps and Retreats


We have been working hard to ensure that your family is safe while attending a camp or retreat at Shiloh Park! We are implementing a new form of safety for our guests during this time, please read below for more information:

*Full deep clean before and after each camp/retreat, including disinfecting each bed.

*Chairs spread further apart in Chapel.

*Chairs/doors disinfected after every service.

*Shiloh Staff will wear masks and gloves at all times in kitchen.

*Space guests further apart while going through food/drink lines.

*Tables spread further apart.

*Stagger meal times for larger groups.

*Tables/Chairs will be sanitized after each group and meal.

*All public restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected, daily.

*All high traffic doors/surfaces will be sanitized several times, daily.

*All balls/equipment will be sanitized throughout the day (based on use) as well as the end of the night.

*Shiloh Park staff will have temperatures taken at beginning of each shift. At any sign of sickness, employees will not be able to work.

*Designated isolation room for anyone exhibiting signs of COVID. Anyone suspected of sickness will be asked to go home.

These guidelines along with additional CDC guidelines will be followed by Shiloh Park staff as well as all visiting camps in order to protect and keep our guests safe.



Rookie Retreat - May 22  Click here for more information!

World Wide Pentacostal Fellowship - June 7-12

Liberty Baptist Kids and Youth Camps - June 21-26

Indy Nazarene District Jr/Sr High Camp - June 28-July 2

NEI Nazarene District Junior High Camp - July 5-9      Click here for more information!

NEI Nazarene District Senior High Camp - July 9-13 Click here for more information!

NEI Nazarene District Rookie Camp - July 14-18 Click here for more information!

NEI Nazarene District Preteen Boys & Girls Combined Camp - July 18-22 Click here for more information!

Bethel Worship Center Camp - July 26-31